A Tandem of Giants

by The Silversmiths

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    Agent Orange took a one way flight from his streetsweeper courtesy of SPTA (Speeding Passenger Train Airways) and still didn't let that stop
    him from producing an album full of bangers for the grumpy old men of rap. YOUCANHITMENOWBUTIJUSTWON'TSTOP even dusted off his microphone for some tracks, AND constructed a beat so fierce the goddess AthenA felt compelled to tear it to shreds. Go ahead, try to deny the magnitude of boots left by their lonesome.

    Follow the Silversmiths (JON?DOE and Sankofa) as they time travel from 1999's White Collar Criminals debut all the way to now, where they're old and stuff.+

    Need namedrops? JON?DOE has worked with KRS-ONE, Casual (dopest member of Hiero), Son Doobie (Funkdoobiest ahoy!) and even The Hitman (no, not the one you're thinking of who Dre signed and forgot between taking HGH and whatever else he was doing). Sankofa has worked with CunninLynguists, Kashal-Tee, Nick Sweepah, Noah23, and a whole bunch of other people his advanced age has caused him to forget.

    Shucks, you might even find that purchasing the whole kit and caboodle gets you some goodies.

    +stuff means "Scoreolympics!"

    This message has been brought to you by *EARMUFFS*, reminding you ODB was for the children but his cuss words weren't.
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Charles Bronson faked his own death just so rabid fans and Playboy bunnies would leave him alone long enough to listen to this classic rap album in its entirety.


released April 16, 2011

Raps: JON?DOE and Sankofa
Beats: Agent Orange
Guest vocals: AthenA, AO, and Denz
Mixdown/mastering: The Moth
artwork: Eric Stine




The Silversmiths Fort Wayne, Indiana

The sometimes grumpy, always dope, old men of rap.

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Track Name: Sista Jones (I Gotta)
Heeeey, where you going to lady?
You gotta womb? Well make room and get to holding my babies
Stick with me, before you know it, you’ll be rolling Mercedes
Besides, you’ve got that flavor I’ve been so into lately

I might be intimating that I’m into mating with you
Let’s keep it strictly pillow talk, no debating issues
I’ll take you to openings, my novel new accessory
Now everyone who wants a piece can grovel to me endlessly

Ain’t no denying you’re my girl, I’ll give you diamonds and pearls
You know I always played it straight, now you’re supplying the curls
Plus I find it kind of cute how you defying the world
Although I’d rather see your stripper dance, I’m eyeing your twirls

Give me some time to unfurl the proper plan to approach you
Play the game nice and slow, this do-si-do we go through
Ferocious overtures over a glass of whatever you like
I know you said no, but let’s try it tonight

It’s you and me baby, I’ll forget about the other ones
Sloppy, they so sweet and poppy, copy, but they bubblegum
And you the “the:” original article with the trouble funk
Double trunk subtle pumps, I’m lovin’ me some gutter junk

It’s like the sense of authenticity minus having to live with it
The fact is I just civilize the savage, and gradually diminish it
won’t discriminate, I’ll even flip it to Dominicans, laid out
Cause mami’s looking like she wants to play house

And what’s wrong with helping yourself to the help? My engine’s idling
Get it purring by stirring up my sense of entitlement
Covert with the subversive racism, mention my right to “them”
At a part with my friends, pass you around, gentlemen, I’ll begin

Exotic party favor with the double sided number action
Let’s see how bad you want it when I start to numb the passion
I’m the superconductor, overseeing a bullet train
Go head and smile while you take a passenger with pain

See first I’ll take what I want, next I’ll take it to task
Just take your pretty little spirit and I break it in half
Then take you to the front row seats and the Lakers and Cavs
Even LeBron and Kobe wanna know me, making me laugh

See, I don’t play the game to win, I play to own it
And if you’re not working for me, you’re my opponent
I franchise forbidden fruit, use it to sell my gin and juice
Now in food fights rancid fruit flies with a little bruise

So take a look at my girlfriend
The latest one I had to have, she’s just another fad
I been digging through her cupboards, mother hubbard with a grubbing dad
And daddy only love her while the money comes, I’m up that

Now she’s getting old, once the coke but now it’s huffing highs
So I’m siphoning profit’s my prophecy is suck them dry
sitting in my penthouse checking quarterly stats
An empire built upon the roundness of that ass

First you get the money, then you get the power
The puudy and respect are afterthoughts to what’s devoured
Got these cowards ducking like Howard, I up and deflowered
They princess, then I charge them interest by the hour